Ministry of Sound

Afrobeat Anthems

Some quick concepts for a new MOS album.  A nice job to play with and a great opportunity for me to learn a bit more Cinema 4D, which I seem to be enjoying at the mo, whooop!

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Sean Naden

3D Ninja Naden gets a shiny new ID

I created this polygon based ‘SN’ stamp for Mr Naden, after chatting with him, it was clear that her needed something that was versatile enough to work real well within 3D animations, video and in print.  Seans portfolio is vast, no wonder after his 25 years in the 3D business, I created this stamp so that he can start to get more ownership & recognition of his work (and also have some form of funky foldout mailer type thing).

  • mts-logo
  • mts-jars1
  • Responsive2

Monster Tuck Shop

A sweet way to demo E-Commerce

My friends over at Docnet wanted a unique way to demonstrate their bespoke E-Commerce platform.  They wanted to physically show customers how it all works and doing it without all the techno jargon was paramount.  We devised a simple office based store, showing the end to end process of what the shopping and shipping process required.   Clients can now come in and have a brew and it shows them how it all works in a really simple way.   I devised a little brand called ‘Monster Tuck Shop’ and applied it to an online outlet, some sweetie products and designed the shelving unit that demonstrates it all.

  • Hartleys1
  • Hartleys2
  • Hartleys3

Hartley’s Safari

Whilst working with the guys over at Loaf, I was asked to design a site for the premium Safari brand, that they had just developed.  Hartley’s Safaris is not ordinary Safari, its posh, very posh! I designed the site to target a responsive audience and tailed the design to sit comfortable with the new brand.

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Manchester United Hospitality

M.U.T.V and Sky Sports Commercial

Working with my buddies over at Bugler Smith I was asked to set a style for this Manchester United T.V Commercial. The creative was, that the information would be displayed through the use of a pop up book, the challange was to produce something quick enough to run along with the VO and to produce something that was on budget and on time.

  • oiler-and-boiler-1
  • oiler-and-boiler-2
  • oiler-and-boiler-3

Oiler & Boiler

Not just any pants, these are proper pants!

Working with my good fiends over at Docnet I worked closely with their client ‘Oiler & Boiler‘ to generate some stylish photography and a simple but slick web skin, this was applied to the Docnet ‘Sprint E-Commerce’ system them have put heart and soul into developing and advancing over the last 16 years.

  • canyon_id
  • letterhead
  • canyon-cards
  • canyon_booklet2
  • smile


Whilst working for the guys over at Canyon, I was asked to look at their existing branding.  I got to the core of how Canyon work and created a simple graphic for this; the circle, this represents an inner message that they help their clients deliver.   Canyon will peel the outer layers of any communication and take the essence of the message.  To then translate it in a beautiful, creative and understandable way.

  • bugler_smith_info_p_2

Bugler Smith

Working with my buddies at Bugler Smith, I was asked to produce a quick, simple and snappy video based info graphics idea. Taking the message that they wanted to communicate, I produced a storyboard and a series of assets to help out the motion guys, when they were producing animation. The video was sent via an email campaign using a click through method.

Universal Music

Motown Summer Classics

Whilst working for my friends over at creative spark. I produced creative and designed the packaging for the ‘Motown Summer `classics’ digipack and also produced story boards for the ‘Motown Summer classics’ T.V Commercial and art directed the edit to the supplied base track/vo.

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  • crewroom-2
  • crewroom-3
  • crewroom-4
  • crewroom-5

Crewroom Production Services

ID & Ident for Crewroom TV

I was approached by Crewroom to create some sort of memorable and visible ID within the Production Services Industry.  Using a hi-vis style orange and creating an icon to become recognisable, I set off and produced an icon that has a nod to an aperture.  It also had to have a strong use as a spray stencil for various bits of kit and cases. Once I had produced the ID, I was asked to help create some sort of sting to use on Crewrooms end slates.  Working with Mike Instead AKA www.deerstalker.tv we produced a simple yet abstract little animation, Mike worked an all the 3D and animation I helped to get it in the right direction.

American Golf, Sky Sports Commercial

Taylor Made Burner Driver Ad

Whist working with my friends at The Fresh Group I came up with creative for a series of Amercan Golf T.V commercials, trying to increase brand awareness and shift a few seasonal products, whilst the PGA was on. We shot this in Big Shed Studios, Manchester.  I directed the shoot and then sat in on the edits.

  • docnet-1
  • docnet-2
  • docnet-3


The E-Commerce Experts

I do a fair bit for my mates over at Docnet and I’ve recently refreshed the old branding that I did for them, I designed a shiny new clean site to inform people about their unique E-Commerce offering.

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  • coggles-3
  • coggles-4


User Centric High Fashion

I was asked to produce some ideas for a user centric home page for the fashion retailer Coggles. They wanted to capture the styles of each user so using a webcam and the users Coggles account.   I thought that we could capture the users image and generate it using the brands that the user searches for or purchases.  This would change over time as the users account information is passed to the mosaic generator.