Am I the baddest mofo low down around this town!

The Last Dragon!#

All the Crew You Need!

My buddies over at Crewroom have been helping people out on their productions for over 5 years now and they do a damm good job too. Here’s some of the work they have helped produce recently. If you need a great production services company that love working with creative people just give Mark a call on: 07791 802 072 or email him at:

  • heart-for-art-tattoo-shop-manchester
  • heart-for-art-tattoo-shop-03
  • heart-for-art-tattoo-shop-05-1
  • heart-for-art-tattoo-shop-07
  • heart-for-art-tattoo-shop-11

Got Heart?

Ive been to a few tattoo studios but never seen one as creative as this. All created and build by Dany Birch & Tom Birch, lovely ideas and really well brought to life. Cool shots by my buddies Timmy Marner and Jay Cain.

So if you want a proper tattoo, go and see Danny, he puts a lot of love into everything he does.

  • docnet-chalkboard-1
  • docnet-chalkboard-2
  • docnet-chalkboard-3

Big Chalkboard

I’ve created a massive chalkboard for my buddies over at Docnet. They needed an area where all company news, notices and general bits and bobs can be seen by all.

Painted by Miss Arty in conjunction with Heart for Art

Sometime you have to go backwards to go forwards, especially when working with timmy time

A little something, something#

  • wrg-lego

WRG got all Lego

While working with my buddys in WRG I thought the studio was missing a little something, and decided to try out a bit of 3D goodness, using Cinema 4D. I took the Lego man model from Greyscale Gorillas free collections. I made a composite with my iPhone, the Panoramic app and Cinema 4d, heres how you can do it yourself – Greyscale composite tutorial.