Sybian, Old Choons

Soza for the overflow of audio, but it’s ace when you come across a load of old stuff. Here’s one from when I was listening and writing tripped out breakbeat electro (but somehow it got a bit of Lord of the Rings).

The Time is Now, Old Choons

Another I dug out, a little some thing something Tez Marner and myself, the choons probably about 10 years old, but Teza put some vocals down on it a year or so ago. Not recorded very well but we still enjoyed our little internet based creation.

Over & Over, Old Choons

An old choon I dug out, Tez Marner and myself worked on a few of these over the internet a while ago, I wrote the tracks and sent them to Teza who then put on some guide vocals, pity we never got to record it properly.